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This site is dedicated to those who love waterfalls and want to know about waterfalls in Montana. Our state has hundreds of cascades, waterfalls and rapids that flow over a wide range of different types of rock. Some of the waterfalls and their surrounding rocks in and around Glacier National park are said to be some of the most colorful and phenomenal in the world. Please join us in discovering these great treasures.

Montana Waterfalls Book
Montana Waterfalls
the book is here!

52 waterfalls with full color images, in-depth descriptions, and rich topographic maps. Each waterfall has detailed historical, geological and access information. We hope you enjoy!

Order your copy and support the Waterfalls of Montana website.

More about the book...
The full-color book has photos, directions and details about 52 waterfalls sprinkled across western Montana. It took seven years to compile. The duo logged about 250 miles of hiking, connected by more than 6000 miles of driving. … In addition to detailed topographical maps and latitude/longitude coordinates, the entries also feature historic and scientific details of interest.
   Rob Chaney, Missoulian

Larry said that one of the things that draw him to waterfalls is the sound. "You typically hear them before you see them," he said. Almost 100 percent of the time you hear it first. I like to think about Lewis and Clark hearing the Great Falls three days before they actually saw it."
   Peggy O'Neil, Helena's Independent Record

The book is separated into geographic rejoins in western and central Montana, with photographs of each waterfall and detailed information and maps showing how to reach them. There are also summaries providing basic information on the falls, such as height, length, and their varied characteristics. "There is a lot of information in that book," Johnson said. "We did a lot of research." … Nathan customized all the topography maps featured in the book to show the best routes to often-remote locations. "There was a lot of work in just doing the maps alone," he said.
   Jim Mann, Daily InterLake

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Seasons Seasons
In the early spring many waterfalls in Montana are still iced over. By April things start to really thaw out. The months of April and May are the high water months where the traveler can witness the power of larger volumes of water. Summertime is the best time to access waterfalls of higher elevations. The weather at this time is usually quite good. Fall can give off spectacular colors and overcast days good for long exposure photography. Finally it takes a true waterfall lover to venture out into the cold and potentially inaccessible locations of winterized waterfalls. However, these trips can be highly rewarding. Some of the best waterfall photographs we have were taken in January. All in all, pack gear for any weather. We have been snowed on in July and sun baked into sunbathing in February.

Access Getting there
Many of Montana's waterfalls lye close to major roads and highways making them highly accessible to almost anyone (ex: Kootenai Falls, Skalkaho Falls, and Natural Bridge Falls). However, many exist in deep gorges, remote locations and steep mountainous areas with limited access. Some of these places may be hard to get to and potentially hazardous. If the location is on private land always ask for permission from the owner before trespassing. We will always do our best to give you the best directions we can find.

Camping Camping and lodging
Camping in Montana can highly rewarding or downright miserable if the conditions are just right. Always educate yourself on current weather and road conditions. We also recommend learning about recreating around Bears, Bison, Mountain Lions and other wild animals. The more educated you are chances are the better your trip is going to be. There are many hotels, motels and fancy lodges scattered across Montana. We hope to provide you with a cornucopia of these places to brighten your overall experience.

History Historical references
Montana is a historically rich state. From the history of Native Americans such as the Blackfeet, Flathead and Crow to the Gold hungry settlers, many of the stories from history are embedded in the names of Montana's waterfalls.

Falls of the Moment
Our funding sources of course...

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Notice! Waterfalls can be very dangerous. Please take all cautions when hiking, floating or camping around waterfalls. Mountain Media or any of its affiliates takes no responsibility for your safety nor do they guarantee that it is safe and/or legal to visit and view these waterfalls. You are fully responsible for your own safety at all times. Mountain Media cannot give you permission to trespass on any private land.
Always ask for permission before hiking on private land.

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