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Running Eagle Falls
Low water photo   

This one is really two falls in one. During high water, the water leaps from the top shelf, hiding a second hidden falls that roars out of a cave half way down. At lower flows, water only gushes out from the cave leaving the top dry. However, at any water level this is a phenomenal place to be. As you approach the falls, notice the unusual warping of the surrounding sedimentary rocks. This formation is from the unusual action of older rocks sliding over younger rocks which is common in and around Glacier National Park.
From East Glacier Park drive north on Highway 49 for about six miles then take a left onto Two Medicine Road following the northern shore line of Lower Two Medicine Lake. Drive this road for 4.5 miles. Just as the road crosses the river and starts to head south, pull into the small parking lot on the right. The trail is around .3 miles long (one way) and is mostly wheel chair accessible.
This falls is named after Running Eagle (Pitamakan), a Blackfoot tribeswoman who lived around 1825. As the story goes, she gravitated to the skills of a Blackfoot warrior. She became a great hunter and was incredibly brave in the face of her tribes’ enemies. At one point, Running Eagle was instructed by the village elders to go on a vision quest in order to find her true calling. It is said that she went on this quest near the falls. Running eagle was able to tell of her adventures in the Medicine Lodge ceremonies while also becoming a member of the Braves Society of young warriors. She continued to lead successfully war and hunting parties until she died in a battle against a party of Flatheads near the Sun River.
Two Medicine Campground is located on the shore of Two Medicine Lake approximately 13 miles from East Glacier and just a couple of miles west of Running Eagle falls. Sites are on a first-come, first-serve basis ... [More]

Cut Bank Campground is just North of Lower Two Medicine Lake is accessed by a 5 mile dirt road off of highway 89 ...[More]

Falls Information
Area: North Central MT
Stream name: Two Medicine River
Stream size: Small River
Falls height: 40 ft.
Elevation: 5000
Latitude: 48.4975545099637
Longitude: -113.353071212769
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