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Natural Bridge Falls
Photo from above the chasm   

The trailhead starts at the parking lot where it splits almost right at the beginning. The trail to the left stays on the north side of river, the trail to the right crosses the Boulder River via a sturdy built wooden footbridge. The view from bridge allows you to see the river disappearing underground into this caverness hole. Some 200 away and below the river shoots out a rock face 30 foot into a large clear pool. There is also handicapped accessibility to certain viewing points of the falls.
Drive south of Big Timber on Montana Secondary 298, past historic McLeod, 27 miles to Natural Bridge State Monument.
The headwaters of the Boulder River is in the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountain deep in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area. From there it flows pretty much due north through the spectacular Boulder Valley, where it confluences with the Yellowstone River by the town of Big Timber.
Natural and man-made wonders can be found all along this valley. Hiking out of the historic Main Boulder Ranger Station, you can view Lions Head, a prominent rock out cropping, and ancient Indian caves. Almost to the end of the Main Boulder Road is Box Canyon Rd., which up it 5 miles is the old mining ghost town of Independence. The short period the town was in is mining heyday was during the 1890’s, then it was for the most part abandoned. Today you can view the historic ruins from the road, but the town is privately owned so please don’t trespass.
Falls Creek Campground is 3 miles south of Natural Bridges State Monument on the Main Boulder Road (County Rd 212). Located in the Gallatin National Forest this campground run by the Forest service. This is a pack-in pack-out tents only campground with 8 campsites. There are handicapped accessible toilets, potable water from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and there is no camping fee.
Big Beaver Campground is a NFS camping area 3 miles further south from Falls CG on County Rd. 212 (access road not suitable for vehicles longer than 32 feet). There are 5 campsites, Pack-in pack-out, no water, handicapped accessible toilets, and no camping fee.
Aspen Campground is another .5 miles south of Big Beaver Campground.This Gallatin National Forest campground has 8 camping units, handicapped accessible toilets, potable water from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and a $5/day camping fee.

Falls Information
Area: South Central MT
Stream name: Boulder River
Stream size: Small River
Falls height: 45 ft.
Elevation: 4980
Latitude: 45.5486793518066
Longitude: -110.206687927246
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