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Palisades Falls
Water cascading over columnar basalt   

The trailhead starts out of the Palisades Falls Picnic Area parking lot. Palisades Falls National Recreation trail is a short .5 mile asphalt-coated surface to a beautiful 80 foot waterfall. Walking through towering Engelmann Spruce and Red Fir as you switchback up to the base of the volcanic cliffs. Palisades Falls is the result of prehistoric lava flow, complete with massive hexagonal basalt columns. There are interpretive exhibits in both Braille and English. The trail's maximum grade is 11% which is the most difficult classification for handicapped use.
From Bozeman drive south on 19th Street 5 miles to Hyalite Canyon Road. Go south on Hyalite Canyon road 20 miles to Forest Road - Go west one mile to Palisades Falls Picnic Area and trailhead.
History Rock trailhead is 10 miles up Hyalite Canyon Road (FR 62), one mile before Hyalite Reservoir the pull-off is to the right. About 1.2 miles up this trail is a sandstone rock that was supposedly etched, by the famous Lewis and Clark member and frontiersman, John Colter. This trail continues another mile to the divide, past Fox Meadow known for it’s beautiful wildflower displays, and a view of the South Cottonwood Creek drainage.

Hyalite Canyon also has some of the best ice climbing in the continental U.S. This area is known for it’s early forming and accessible ice, with some ice forming in late November and usually lasting till March or sometimes April. The Canyon has over 70 ice climbs ranging from beginner to climbs that once climbed haven’t ever been repeated. Ice climbing is a serious technical sport, it should not be attempted by anyone without sufficient experience. Hiring a guide for this extreme sport is advisable.
Palisades Falls Picnic Area is a nice 4 unit picnic area with a handicapped accessible toilet, no fees and no water. There are two Gallatin National Forest campgrounds close to Palisades Falls.

Hood Creek Campground, 17 miles south on Hyalite Canyon Road, overlooks scenic Hyalite Reservoir and the rugged Hyalite Mountains. There are 18 units, with handicapped accessible toilets, water, trash pickup, $10/day fee and a maximum stay of two weeks. There are inclusions on largest parking spur, additional vehicle cost and firewood.

Chisholm Campground is at the end of Hyalite Reservoir with another great view of the "Hyalites". There are 10 units, with handicapped accessible toilets, drinking water, trash pickup, $10/day fee and a two week maximum stay. There are inclusions for largest parking spur, additional vehicles cost and firewood.

Falls Information
Area: South Central MT
Stream name: Palisade Creek
Stream size: Small Creek
Falls height: 80 ft.
Elevation: 7200
Latitude: 45.4684677124023
Longitude: -110.938781738281
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