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Swiftcurrent Falls
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If you are spending time at the Many Glacier Hotel or on your way to Swiftcurrent Lake, be sure to stop and see Swiftcurrent falls. This multi pitched cascade can be very photogenic with its golden yellow rock and towering Mount Grinnel backdrop. Notably, the falls is formed from the same upturned limestone bedrock the holds back the waters of Swiftcurrent lake.
From Babb drive west into the pristine beauty of Glacier National Park on Many Glacier Road for 12 miles to the Many Glacier Hotel. Lake Sherburne is adjacent to the road for most of the way, giving more unbelievable scenic views of the park. Just north of the hotel is parking for the trailhead to Swiftcurrent Falls. The falls can be viewed either from roadway or at trail viewing areas.
In 1923 witherite was discovered filling cavities in the Altyn limestone of the Belt series in Glacier Park. The main exposures show in the lower belt of limestone right above the Lewis over thrust fault along the gorge below Swiftcurrent Falls. Altyn limestone is a highly siliceous calcium-magnesium-carbonate rock containing rounded to angular quartz and feldspar grains, which in a weathered surface is light brown and dotted with etched grains of sand.
In 1932, Glacier Park and Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park were designated Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Glacier and Waterton Lake parks both have been tabbed as Biosphere Reserves and together are recognized in 1995 as World Heritage sites.
Many Glacier Hotel which was opened in 1915, is the largest hotel in Glacier Park. Designed after Swiss-style chalets, this architectural theme is carried throughout the hotel. Situated right on Swiftcurrent Lake it is noted for its panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding rugged Mount Grinell (8,851 ft), Mount Henkel (8.770 ft) and Mount Wilber (9,321 ft).
Many Glacier Campground has 110 campsites with 35 reserved for RV’s with a maximum length of 35 feet. At the campground there is a store, showers, potable water, handicapped accessible toilets, and a $14/day camping fee.

Falls Information
Area: North Central MT
Stream name: Swiftcurrent Creek
Stream size: Small River
Falls height: 50 ft.
Elevation: 4870
Latitude: 48.8001365661621
Longitude: -113.654853820801
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