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Double Falls
Great place to spend the day   

From Augusta head west on the Augusta Ranger Station Road 13 miles to Benchmark Road. Drive south on Benchmark Road for 5 miles to Double Falls Campground.
The trailhead starts at the northwest end of Double Falls Campground. Walking upstream next to Ford Creek on undeveloped nature trail a mere 200 yards is a really nice Double Falls.
The Bob Marshall Wilderness, the Great Bear Wilderness and the Scapegoat Wilderness collectively form the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. This was all started in 1964, when the United States Congress passed the first Wilderness Act. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Area was part of the original act of 1964, with presently the complex spanning an area of over 1.5 million acres. and management.
Robert “Bob” Marshall was born in 1901 and passed away a short 39 years later. A prolific writer, he wrote fervently on all aspects of conservation and preservation. He was the principal founder of The Wilderness Society and helped shape the U.S. Forest Service policy on wilderness designation.
Double Falls Campground is a small 3 unit pack-in pack-out campsite. There is no water, a toilet, and no fee.
Wood Lake Campground (USFS) is another 6 miles up Benchmark Road. There are 9 camping units with tables, potable water, toilets, and a camping fee. Activities could include: fishing, hiking, canoeing, and swimming.
Benchmark Campground (USFS) is 6 miles past Wood Lake Campground on Benchmark Road. It has 25 campsites with tables, potable water, toilets, and a daily camping fee. Activities could include fishing, hiking, equestrian, also there’s an adjacent airfield, and a Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex trailhead starts from campground.

Falls Information
Area: North Central MT
Stream name: Ford Creek
Stream size: Medium Creek
Falls height: 70 ft.
Elevation: 5455
Latitude: 47.4073537061795
Longitude: -112.721786499023
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