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Baring Falls
Beautiful day near an awesome falls   

This is one of my favorite waterfalls in Montana. The water pours at an angle onto a smooth, red wall of Precambrian mudstone then rushes for about fifty yards where it then empties in into St Mary’s lake. It’s a quick fifteen minute hike from the road and a thirty minute tour boat ride on St Mary’s lake to where the stream flows into the lake. There are many waterfalls on this creek. Three richly colored, smaller green stone waterfalls are right in the vicinity of the Sunrift gorge parking area. If you hike a hundred yards upstream from Sunrift gorge you will come across a series of deep red, punch bowl style waterfalls. About a mile up the trail is another breathtaking falls with glacier carved mountain views of the baring creek valley. Enjoy.
From the town of St. Mary, travel west on the Going-to-the-Sun road for 10.7 miles. Pull out and park at Sunrift Gorge or the alternate pull-out a little further up the road and walk back down to Sunrift gorge. From the gorge hike the trail for fifteen minutes down to the falls and lake.
Sunrift gorge is a curious place. It is a deep, straight, vertical gorge that holds baring creek, the source for Baring falls and many others. Unlike many gorges, Sunrift was not formed by erosion. Apparently after a section of ice melted, the massive block of rock that sat beneath the hillside to the south, broke away and moved a few feet downhill. The creek then re-routed and found its new course through the new, narrow, straight slot.
Rising Sun is an excellent campground that is located where they say "the mountains meet the prairies". There are numerous waterfalls located two miles up Rose creek. To get there start hiking from the campground and keep an eye out for bears. The campground is just west of the town of St. Mary and halfway along St. Mary’s Lake on the north side of the Gong-to-the-sun Road… [More]

St. Mary campground is the largest on the east side of the park. Located one half mile from the St. Mary visitor center, this splendid place has a few extra amenities that many campgrounds lack (flushing toilets, etc.)... [More]
There is also camping just out side of the town of St Mary at the KOA.

Falls Information
Area: North West MT
Stream name: Baring Creek
Stream size: Small Creek
Falls height: 30 ft.
Elevation: 4540
Latitude: 234.345001220703
Longitude: 234.345001220703
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