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Lodgepole Creek Falls
Incredible gorge   

Parking at the closed gate of FR 4397 in the Lolo National Forest, you start your hike to the falls by walking past the gate down the Forest Service Road for a distance of about a ¼ of a mile. Along the way you will see evidence of some ancient fossilized Precambrian Mud sea bottom.
From the Ovando turn off junction with Montana Highway 200 drive north on Forest Road 107 (Monture Creek Road) for 9 miles to Forest Road 131. Take a right continuing to drive north for another 7 miles when you cross over Lodgepole Creek. There is parking in front of the locked gate for Forest Road 4397. An unbelievable sight awaits you as you step out of the car, this incredible immense view to the northwest of distant Monture Mountain (8291 ft.) Youngs Pass and Youngs Mountain ( 8630 ft.)
Indians, frontiersmen and explorers historically used many of the routes in their travels through the country known as the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Today there are some 450 plus maintained trails totaling well over a 1000 miles in the BMWC. This complex is managed by 4 national forest; Flathead, Helena, Lewis and Clark and Lolo, and 5 Forest Service Ranger Districts; Spotted Bear, Hungry Horse, Lincoln, Rocky Mountain and Seeley Lake.
The Bob Marshall Wilderness, the Great Bear Wilderness and the Scapegoat Wilderness collectively form the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. This was all started in 1964, when the United States Congress passed the first Wilderness Act. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Area was part of the original act of 1964, with presently the complex spanning an area of over 1.5 million acres.
Monture Creek Campground (USFS) is 7.5 miles, on a good gravel road, north of the junction of Montana Highway 200 and Monture Rd (Forest Road 107). This campground, at 4100 ft. elevation, sits alongside Monture Creek and is available from June 1st to October 30th . There are 5 campsites, toilet facilities, no drinking water and there are no fees. The trailhead for TR 25 is adjacent to Monture Creek Campground along with public stock facilities (corrals) for the horses. Other trails branch out giving you access into Bob Marshall Wilderness and the Scapegoat Wilderness areas. Activities: Hiking, Fishing, Equestrian Fun.

!!! This is Grizzly Bear country take the recommended precautions. !!!

We at Waterfalls of Montana strongly recommend for those interested in accessing wilderness areas to use these Leave No Trace principles.

Know before you go, and plan your visit ahead of time.
Pack out your trash.
Leave the natural features you find in place for others to enjoy.
Be careful with fire.
Respect wildlife.
Respect other visitor’s need for quiet and solitude.

Falls Information
Area: West Central MT
Stream name: Lodgepole Creek
Stream size: Medium Creek
Falls height: 100 ft.
Elevation: 4919
Latitude: 47.2080899962619
Longitude: -113.194509744644
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