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Holland Falls
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The trailhead for 1.5 mile long Holland Falls National Recreation Trail starts at the end of Holland Lake Road. At the start of TR 416 you walk through mixed stands of Western Larch, Ponderous Pine and Red Fir, viewing an unbelievable Holland Lake, that’s so serene, so beautiful. At almost a mile the trail starts to climb at a steady grade up rocky slopes. A little further along you will come to a footbridge, crossing a small, sparkling mountain brook. Hiking another couple hundred yards up the trail, along the mountainside, you come to some rock outcropping giving panoramic views of the Swan Valley, Swan Mountain Range and the Mission Mountains. Hearing the falls now, you only hike a little a short distance before seeing the striking sight of Holland Falls.
Travel from Seely Lake north on Montana Highway 83 for 20 miles Holland Lake Road. Turn east on the gravel Holland Lake Road 2.9 miles to Larch Loop Campground and past another 3/4 of a mile to the Bay Loop Compound turn-in where the trailhead starts.
Something like 10,000 years ago, the ice age ended with an sudden warming change in climate. After less than 3000 years the mass of ice that filled the Swan Valley had disappeared, leaving the outwash sediments and forming the current valley floor. Glaciers still continued to creep down the valleys of the Missions and Swan, after this mass of ice was at last gone. The last glacial lobes of ice left high moraines around their edges that now enfold Holland Lake and Lindbergh Lake, as with quite a few other lakes at the aperture of any sizeable canyons in the Missions and Swan ranges.
Holland Lake Campground, located right on beautiful Holland Lake, has two loops. First is Larch Loop which is on a small bluff overlooking the lake. The second loop a little more than 3/4 further down Holland Lake Road, is called Bay Loop. This campground is situated around a very gorgeous little bay. Combined there are 39 camping units, there is drinking water, trash pickup, toilet facilities and a $12/day fee with two weeks maximum stay. !!! This is Grizzly Bear country you must practice safe food storage techniques. !!!

Falls Information
Area: West Central MT
Stream name: Holland Creek
Stream size: Small Creek
Falls height: 50 ft.
Elevation: 4365
Latitude: 47.4508438110352
Longitude: -113.573997497559
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