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Grey Wolf Falls
Photo from the southern precipice   

Salish-Kootenai tribal land is where the mysterious Grey Wolf falls is located. It is the last and largest in a series of cascades and waterfalls at the end of the road. From the parking area walk back down the road about 50 yards, then head to the right through the forest towards the cascades. If you come to a falls the plunges directly into a deep round pool then you are at Jocko falls.
Grey Wolf is the next drop right after the pool. It is a magnificent double leap onto a triangular boulder within the depths of a narrow chasm. Mountainous views can be seen from here as well as panoramic perspectives of the creek. Be extra careful around south side of this falls, it is extremely steep and the cliffs drop sharply off.
Drive southeast from St. Ignatius on St.Mary's Road for 15 miles to BIA 145 road. Drive up 2.5 miles up the Middle Access Road for this wild view of the falls. Note that you will need a conservation license to hike on tribal land.
St. Ignatius Mission was established in 1854 being built by Native Americans under the guidance of Roman Catholic missionaries. There are 58 original murals by Brother Joseph Carignano on the mission's walls and ceiling.

The National Bison Range at Moiese home to some 500 bison or buffalo as Montanan's call them. The Red Sleep Mountain Drive is a year-around self-guided auto tour, where with a sharp eye, besides bison, elk, deer, antelope, and rocky mountain sheep are apt to be spotted.
Twin Lakes Campground is located on Salish-Kootenai Tribal land. To camp you need to purchase first, their $11/season conservation license, and second a $10/season camping permit. These one year licenses run from March to February of the following year. Twin Lakes is a primitive pack-in pack-out campground, with tables, grated fire pits, and a vaulted restroom. This is a beautiful, well-maintained, backcountry campground in the upper Jocko River drainage.

St. Mary's Lake Campground is also located on Salish-Kootenai tribal land and the same licenses are required to camp there.

Falls Information
Area: West Central MT
Stream name: Jocko River
Stream size: Small River
Falls height: 35 ft.
Elevation: 4209
Latitude: 47.232333268607
Longitude: -113.803768157959
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