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Lost Creek Falls
Shot from the trail   

A great interpretive sign is at the trailhead to Lost Creek Falls. The trail is a paved, medium handicapped difficulty, hike to the falls. Benches are along this forested trail to sit, rest and take in natures beauty, that, being something all ages can enjoy. Lost Creek State Park is part of the Flint Creek Range in the Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest.
From Anaconda Take Montana Highway 1 east 1.5 miles. Turn left on Montana Secondary 48 for 1 mile to Montana Secondary 273.Turn left again for 6 miles to Lost Creek State Park.
The layered grey-green colored rock formation on the left of the canyon, the upper part of the cliffs at Lost Creek State Park, are part of the Precambrian Newland Formation. Formed from the compaction and hardening of lime-rich mud deposits in a shallow sea about 1.3 billion years ago. The tan-colored rocks on the right side of the cliff were part of molten rock to magma that melted into the Newland Formation, the begun to cool around 75 million years ago, At that time both types of rock were as much as 8 miles below the surface.
Lost Creek State Park is a narrow, boulder-strewn, forested canyon with spectacular grey limestone cliffs and towering 1200 foot granite formations rising from the valley floor. The 1993, the state legislature designated Lost Creek as a 502.5 acre Primitive State Park, with a pack-in pack-out trash policy. There are 10 campsites, drinking water (hand pump), handicapped accessible toilets, $7/day fee with a 7 day camping limit. This park, located in the Deerlodge Beaverhead National Forest, is very well maintained by the Department of the Montana Fish, Game, Wildlife and Parks.

Falls Information
Area: Central MT
Stream name: Lost Creek
Stream size: Medium Creek
Falls height: 35 ft.
Elevation: 6240
Latitude: 46.2099227905273
Longitude: -113.005844116211
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