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Lower Mission Falls
Cedar and moss paradise   

Surrounded by Kakashe Mountain (8575 feet), Mountaineer Peak (9261 feet), and Lowary Peak (9969 feet) the view from the Mission Creek valley is absolutely breathtaking. The canyon walls rise so quickly and so vast that they give off the illusion of being mountain walls in the Himalayas.

The trail going into the unbelievablelly scenic Mission Mountains, starts at the end of the road and gradually climbs about fifty feet to Lower Mission Falls. For what this beauty lacks in vertical drop (20 feet), it makes up in its unique display of dynamic aquatics. Water slides down a ramp then splits around a rock. The left channel hurdles over a bouncy vertical drop while the right channel screams down another ramp to meet the vertical drop a the bottom. All of this combined with the ever-present persistence of moss and cedar make for some excellent photography and a relaxing time.
From St.Ignatius drive 2 miles east on Mission Dam Road along side of Mission Reservoir to the trailhead. Note that you will need a conservation license to hike on tribal land.
The Mission Mountains Tribal Wilderness Area covers almost 92,000 acres. It ranges from around 4000 feet in the foothills, to 10,000 foot mountain peaks. Formed 1982, this historic tribal wilderness management plan, was the first time that an Indian Tribal had determined on its own accord to protect a significant portion of its land as wilderness. Cirque basins shaped by the glaciers that bent this landscape created more than 112 lakes. The St. Ignatius Mission was built in the late 1890's. Famous for frescos on the church’s walls painted by Brother Joseph Carignano, this building is listed on the National Historic Register.
Mission Dam Campground is on Salish-Kootenai Tribal land. To camp there requires you to first, purchase their conservation license for $11/season (runs from March to March), second purchase a $10/season camping permit. This free designated primitive campground has a restroom, picnic tables, some grated firepots and the most unbelievable view of Mission Lake and the Mission Mountains.

Falls Information
Area: West Central MT
Stream name: Mission Creek
Stream size: Medium Creek
Falls height: 20 ft.
Elevation: 4815
Latitude: 47.3242214729613
Longitude: -113.976030349731
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