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Morrell Falls
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The Morrell Falls National Historic trail is a 2.3 mile hike into the Lolo National Forest. This is a fairly easy day hike that really doesn’t have any steep grades to it. The trail leads through tightly spaced stands of Lodgepole Pine, past the 23 acre Morrell Lake and onto to a series of waterfalls. Towards the end of the trail you wind around a marsh, then you hear the falls. Just past an old growth timber stand, it opens up into a small clearing and 90 foot Morrell Falls.
From Seely Lake drive north ¼ of a mile to Cottonwood Lakes Road (FR 447). Take the first left at the fork then go 2 miles to West Morrell Road (FR 467). Turn north for 7 miles to Pyramid Pass Road. Drive only a ¼ mile north to Morrell Falls Road (FR 4369). Turn north again one mile to the trailhead.
Seely Lake is one part of the Clearwater Chain-of-Lakes. There are 24 or more lakes in the Clearwater River Valley. These lakes; which include Salmon Lake, Seely Lake, Lake Inez, Lake Alva and Rainy Lake; are easily accessed off of Montana State Highway 83 and most have developed campgrounds nearby. From it’s headwaters in the Swan Range in Lolo National Forest, the Clearwater River flows south where it eventually confluences with the Blackfoot River near the junction of MH 83 and MH 200.
Big Larch Campground, is one mile north of the town of Seely Lake on Montana State Highway 83. Right off of beautiful Seely Lake, the 50 campsites and 8 picnic sites are nestled among towering Ponderosa Pines, with an awesome view of the Mission Mountains. There is a $10/day fee for individual campsites and a $35/day for group campsites. Potable water is available, has handicapped accessible toilets, a concrete boat launch, boat trailer parking and an on-site campground host.
At the trailhead for Morrell Falls there are toilets, but no potable water. Overnight camping is permitted at the trailhead parking lot there.

Falls Information
Area: West Central MT
Stream name: Morrell Creek
Stream size: Medium Creek
Falls height: 90 ft.
Elevation: 5005
Latitude: 47.3002457755423
Longitude: -113.46396446228
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